Stop Handling Social Media

Does social media suck, or is it just your mindset?

Something that I’ve come across working in this industry is business owners and entrepreneurs telling me they have someone “handling” their social media accounts. For many of them, social media is viewed as another box to check off on your way to running a successful company. They’re going through all the motions; posting once a day, going live, boosting a post…imagine their surprise when I tell them that they’re wasting their time and money.

The idea of getting social media to work for you is a broken mindset. You’re keeping yourself busy, sure. But what results are you seeing? Even if you’re fortunate enough to outsource someone to run your accounts, are you seeing the return on your investment? It may look like you’re doing everything right on paper, but as long as you keep worrying about your follower account, you’ll never be able to drive the kinds of sales you’re so capable of achieving.

What if we switched our way of thinking from, “I have to work on my social media,” to “social media will work for me”? It doesn’t have to just be one more thing on your plate, but can actually make your life easier. Stop thinking you need to gain a huge following before you start seeing results with your product or service. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s so important to focus on the quality of what you’re creating and not the quantity.

This mindset is something I work on every day with my clients. I’ve been there. I know there are very successful looking people out there making it seem that bigger is better. But I also know first-hand that it’s possible to create sales with social media within the first 30 days and not have to worry about it being a full-time job. So, when it comes to social media, are you working for it, or is it working for you?