Stop Calling Entrepreneurs Workaholics

People hate when you love your job.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. But as a 27-year-old entrepreneur, I’ve already been through the wringer. Friends roll their eyes when a work-related email grabs my attention, they groan and sigh when I share the news of the next big conference or what my team has been accomplishing. Since grade school, I’ve been fiercely dedicated to any work I take on – and why is that such a bad thing?

What's Wrong With Loving What You Do?

The people that look down their noses at my excitement for my career are the same ones I see dragging their feet into the office. They share the memes about hating the ol’ boss, they live for Friday-evening happy hour and savor the thrill of taking longer lunch breaks than they should. They work for the weekend, and dread every second of the weeks in-between.
It sucks. But we know this. Everyone knows this.
Everyone appears to understand that something, somewhere is missing. But they won’t take the action, they won’t put the effort into being where they want to be. What if we stopped snubbing the “workaholics,” if we stopped dreading the day job, if we pushed ourselves to do what we love?

Everyone Has a Dream Job - Make Yours a Reality

Ask someone about their dream job – I promise they’ll have an answer locked and loaded.
“I would work from home and make my own schedule!”
“I would sing on Broadway!”
“I would start a fashion line or open a restaurant!”
And this is when the faces start to light up.
The restaurant is fully formed in their head, menu and all. The clothing line is already stitched, hanging on a rack, ready to take on the world. The ideas are there, the passion and excitement are itching to take the reins…what’s the hold up?
Stop missing out on the life you want for yourself. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my experience as an entrepreneur, it’s that everyone is totally capable of so much more than they believe they are. The workaholic is the person that takes that leap. It’s the person that trusts themselves and knows what they want. It’s the person that works for success, works for the thrill, and works for the chance to say “I did it my way.”
You don’t have to hate your job.
Take the chance, and make your work into your happy place.