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Partner with Nick Francis

Nick Francis has spent over a decade perfecting the craft of public speaking. He’s offered his unique expertise on stages of all sizes across the country, showing businesses everywhere the most effective ways to grow their brand.

About Nick

As a lifelong self-starter, Nick has an inherent sense of dedication and drive that is continuously unmatched. He is a Black Belt, a former Eagle Scout, and one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country. He founded his first business before reaching 16 years old, manufacturing a wildly successful haunted house in his own backyard. Nick’s unique business owning experience paired with his history of success makes him the ideal candidate for keynotes, panels, and more.

Business History

As the owner of The Fear Experience, his award winning haunted house organization based in Toledo, Ohio, Nick is also a trusted expert in the industry of haunted house creation and live event marketing. He has spoken at specialized conventions such as Midwest Haunters Convention and TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show. He utilizes these live event platforms to create a connection with businesses, showing them step-by-step how to boost event awareness and engagement, ultimately creating more revenue.

“Because of the people like Nick that are doing business in a whole different way … they’re teaching me how to do business.”

"He’s living what he’s teaching...I always love to learn from the people who are actually doing what they say that they can teach you.”
Daymond John
ABCs "Shark Tank"

Speaking Experience

Nick excels in gaining the interest and attention of crowds of all sizes. He has spoken at large, high-energy events, but also smaller, more intimate settings. He knows exactly how to cater to the crowd, crafting each presentation to individually fit the setting he speaks in. You can trust that Nick will keep your team captivated with exclusive, actionable knowledge that no other business owner is revealing. 

Speaking Formats

Keynote Speaking

Nick brings interactive presentations, relatable anecdotes, and educational Q&A sessions to conferences of all sizes. He offers time for 1 on 1 conversations with attendees after the keynote. Nick has held keynotes and masterclasses on Facebook ad buying, effective event marketing, and more.


Nick brings an exciting energy to panels as both a moderator and a panelist. He asks the right questions at the right time, contributing his knowledge to the group or prompting your panel to explore the best possible speaking topics.

Fireside Chats

In fireside chats, Nick offers a more intimate setting, allowing ample time for questions from event attendees and creating a more relaxed, open environment for discussion. He has hosted firesides with major entrepreneurs and investors such as Gary Vaynerchuk.


Nick has been featured on a variety of podcasts, including Entrepreneur Magazine’s “The Playbook” with business mastermind David Meltzer. He brings the stories that keep your listeners on the edge of their seats, the knowledge your team has been searching for, and the energy necessary for an engaging, inspiring podcast episode.

“If you’re not spending money with SkySprout... you don’t get it.”
David Meltzer
Entrepreneur Magazine

Why Nick Francis?

Unlike many public speakers, Nick does not bring an expensive rider or require luxurious travel accommodations. Working in the event industry himself has shown him the value of simple, hassle-free booking, and he is dedicated to creating a smooth experience for your event managing team. He offers budget-friendly pricing, and prioritize your business’ needs throughout the booking process. Nick hosted the incredibly successful SkySprout Summit, bringing in hundreds of attendees to a first-year marketing conference. He stands by the philosophy of practicing what you preach, and he’ll help your business reach event marketing success seamlessly.

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