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Who is This Nick Guy?

As a lifelong self-starter, I feel that I have an inherent sense of dedication and drive that is continuously unmatched. I grew up as an only child to two wonderful parents who were never pushy, but were always on board with whatever I came up with. I watched my dad take the risk of starting his own business when I was still pretty young, which only lit that fire more. My mom was home with me, getting me to every practice, Boy Scout meeting, and event in my life. They were my biggest support system and cheered me on every step of the way.

As I got older, I attended the Toledo Technology Academy where I studied in a traditional high school class setting for half the day and spent the other half in college level engineering classes. I graduated with a class of less than 40 people before heading to Columbus to start my journey at The Ohio State University. After spending two and a half years studying at OSU, I made the decision to leave school and focus entirely on my business in Cleveland (but more on that later)! 

I lived in Cleveland for almost 4 years, meeting a girl and getting a dog in the process. When the stars aligned, we packed up our lives and moved back down to Columbus where we reside today. We’ve since gotten married and gotten another dog! Today, she works alongside me and my team to bring my visions to life. I’ve truly been blessed in getting to where I am today, and am ecstatic looking forward to the future!

“Because of the people like Nick that are doing business in a whole different way … they’re teaching me how to do business.”

"He’s living what he’s teaching...I always love to learn from the people who are actually doing what they say that they can teach you.”
Daymond John
ABCs "Shark Tank"

Business History

I was the kid who was always knocking on neighbor’s doors asking to mow their lawns or shovel their driveways, so it really came as no surprise when I decided I wanted to go bigger. From a young age, I had always loved Halloween. My mom would organize these awesome parties for my classmates which evolved to me setting up a little haunted house in the basement, then in the garage…and before I knew it, I was getting lumber shipments delivered to my parents house and creating full haunted houses in the backyard with the help of my cousin from Cleveland, Max. We were open every Halloween night and donated all the proceeds to the Make a Wish Foundation.

When I was sixteen, Max and I entered a Good Morning America contest for best home haunt. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. However, we did get the attention from a local business owner who offered us an empty building we could use to put on a more professional show. We spent a year in my hometown of Toledo before deciding to move our business to Max’s hometown of Cleveland. We proudly opened our doors there as The Fear Experience Haunted House in 2010.

So, how did we compete in an area that was already home to many successful haunted houses? We knew in order to grow our business, we had to get our name out there in a way people would remember. I started my research in internet marketing and expanded from there. I learned everything I could. What platforms would have the most reach? What ads will be the most eye-catching? Do people want to see other people getting scared, or do they just want to be entertained? Through a lot of trial and error, we found what works and were able to grow our business in a way that neither of us imagined. The Fear Experience was an award winning haunted house, and it was only getting better with each season. We had truly hit our stride and were excited to keep growing, but life sometimes does get in the way of those plans. The building we were leasing was sold, so we packed up the haunted house and put things on hold.

As sad as it was, Max and I aren’t the type of people to dwell. He went off to college and I decided to apply my marketing tactics, helping other people in the haunted house industry grow their businesses. In fact, my techniques were so successful, it ended up earning me a spot on the Facebook small business council!

This all brings us to today. With experience with not only digital marketing, but with live events as well, I know I bring a lot to the table when it comes to helping other business experience the growth and success that I’ve worked so hard to experience. And what good is this success if you don’t share it with other people? In July of 2019, I threw my first marketing conference with speakers such as Gary V and David Meltzer. We had a great turnout and were able to give people the tools to really grow their businesses. I am so thankful to have had these experiences that have all put me where I am today and am looking forward to what comes next!

Check out my fireside chat with Gary Vaynerchuk at my marketing conference!

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Speaking Experience

My speaking experience began when I was involved with the haunted attraction industry! I was invited to speak at specialized conventions, such as Midwest Haunters Convention and the TransWorld Halloween and Attractions Show. I was able to bring the value of marketing these live events to hundreds of people from all over the country. I’ve also had the honor of sitting in on several panels for the Facebook Small Business council, essentially explaining how I used the platform to really grow our business.
Whether it’s a large, high-energy event like the SkySprout summit, or a smaller, more intimate setting, like addressing a group of students or over a lunch and learn, I know exactly how to cater to a crowd by crafting each presentation to fit the setting I’m speaking in. I’m here to connect with your business, showing you the step-by-step how to boost event awareness and engagement, ultimately creating more revenue. With almost a decade of experience sharing what I’ve learned, you can trust me to captivate a crowd of any size with exclusive, actionable knowledge that no other business owner would ever reveal!

“If you’re not spending money with SkySprout... you don’t get it.”
David Meltzer
Entrepreneur Magazine
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Speaking Formats

Keynote Speaking

I can bring interactive presentations, relatable anecdotes, and educational Q&A sessions to conferences of all sizes. After the Keynote, I always offer one-on-one time for conversations with attendees. I’ve held keynotes and masterclasses on Facebook ad buying, effective event marketing, and more.


As both a moderator and a panelist, I’ve always brought exciting energy! I’m diligent in asking the right questions at the right time, contributing my knowledge to the group, or prompting your panel to explore the best possible speaking topics.

Fireside Chats

This intimate setting allows ample time for questions from event attendees, creating a more relaxed, open environment for discussion. I’ve hosted firesides with major entrepreneurs and investors such as Gary Vaynerchuk.


I’m honored to say I’ve been featured on a variety of podcasts, including Entrepreneur Magazine’s “The Playbook” with business mastermind David Meltzer. I promise to bring the stories that keep your listeners on the edge of their seats, the knowledge your team has been searching for, and the energy necessary for an engaging, inspiring podcast episode.

Why Nick Francis?

I know there are public speakers out there who like to demand an expensive rider and require luxurious travel accommodations, and that’s great, but I am just not that guy. Working in the event industry myself has shown me the value of simple, hassle-free booking. I offer budget-friendly pricing in order to reach as many businesses and people as I can. Prioritizing your business’ needs throughout the booking process is important to me. I’m dedicated to creating a smooth experience for you!
As mentioned earlier, I hosted the incredibly successful SkySprout Summit, bringing in hundreds of attendees to our first-year marketing conference. I stand by the philosophy of practicing what you preach, and I’m here to help your business reach event marketing success seamlessly.

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