Is Your Content Turning Heads?

How a first impression can make all the difference.

We know that, in life and business, there is no such thing as being stagnant. We’re either moving forward or moving back. The same concept holds true for a potential customer. If you aren’t leading them closer to eventually purchasing, you’re moving them in the opposite direction. Now, what if I told you that posting on social media the way that you currently are, is more than likely hurting your brand?

I want you to think about a time when someone left a good first impression with you, whether it was through an interaction directly or with a piece of content they produced. How did that influence you when it came to consuming their product? Now, think of a time someone left you with a poor first impression and how that influenced your decisions with their product. What did you personally like or dislike about their sales tactics? Did the person who left a good impression really seem to get you? Did it feel like they were speaking directly to you and understanding your wants and needs? Likewise, did the person who left a bad impression seem too pushy and disconnected? Maybe it felt less about personally reaching out to you knowing you’d enjoy their product or service and more about getting their brand out there to anyone who would listen.

If your first interactions with a consumer, regardless if its content, messages, or face to face interaction, don’t enroll them in what you have to offer, all future contact is simply going to confirm the belief that you aren’t selling something they need. This will cause them to turn a blind eye to your content and consume it as passively as possible.

We are at a certain frequency of receiving a message when we consume marketing and make a subconscious decision whether or not that product is for us. It’s a pretty black and white decision; you either love it or you hate it, and every piece of content you see from there will make you more confident in that decision either way. It’s not impossible, but incredibly difficult to change someone’s opinion once it’s in place, which is why it’s so important to have the right message in place from the beginning.

Yes, it’s important to make sure you’re getting your product and/or service out there. Posting frequently allows you to keep your brand active. However, posting solely for quantity, not quality, is sure to cause more harm than good. Posting content on social media at a frequency that is too high, appealing to the wrong audience, with the wrong messaging, wrong pricing, and so forth, you’re more than likely moving your customer in the wrong direction. Having a strategy in place can and will make all the difference. Take the time to sit down and really understand who you want to appeal to and why before just throwing your name out to the world as much as possible and in as many ways as possible. Make that good first impression and stay intentional. Your results will speak for themselves!