Earning a Spot in Entrepreneur Magazine

Eyes on the Prize...

I travelled to Hoboken, New Jersey back in 2016 to attend Propeller Fest (now known as Propelify). It was making its debut as this awesome outdoor conference geared towards entrepreneurs and innovators. We got to enjoy some keynote speakers throughout the day as well as roam around the venue checking out different vendors. As we were walking around, I spotted the Entrepreneur Magazine booth and noticed they were hosting a “Pitch the Editors” contest for the most creative business ideas. I turned to my now-wife, Jess, and said, “I’m going to win this!”

As we waited in line for my turn to come up, I watched as other hopefuls pitched their ideas. I took mental notes about what each one was saying and what I could say that would help me stick out but still be authentic. It wasn’t long before I found myself sitting in front of a camera with the head editor for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Looking back on it now, I can laugh about how nervous I was. I had sixty seconds to pitch but only used forty-five. I tried my best to fit years and years of my time running a haunted house into the frame I was given.. I mainly stuck to the numbers, to the proof that what we had created was worth the win. The interview was over as quickly as it started. I was thanked for my time and went about my day.

Several months passed, and though it crossed my mind from time to time, I had pretty much chalked it up to experience. I found myself checking their site a little less with each week that went by until I had pretty much moved it to the back of my mind. Just as I had finally made my peace, an email hit my inbox. It was from Entrepreneur Magazine and it said that I was selected as a winner! I clicked the link that arrived with the email and was taken to their website, where my video was posted alongside a small write up on our business.

This wasn’t my biggest win as an entrepreneur. It isn’t even a huge deal. But I am so, so proud of it. I had given my pitch on my twenty-fourth birthday and shortly after we lost the building we had our haunted house in. I was in limbo. I knew that I would figure it out, but I still wasn’t clear on what that meant. Getting this small win gave me the confidence I needed to step into the next chapter of running a marketing agency full time. This experience reminded me that I could do it, that I was up for the challenge. It’s something I still bring to the front of my mind whenever I’m faced with new new or scary situations.

I envisioned this win from the moment I saw the booth. It wasn’t because I’m egotistical, I just knew I had to go about it in a way that would help me achieve my end goal. By putting myself in the mindset to win, I set myself up for success. With no idea who I was going up against, I stood in the confidence that my business had what it took to land me in the winner’s circle. In fact, I firmly believe the only reason I was selected was because I went in with the amount of confidence I had.

Mindset is everything in business. Manifestation is very real. Of course, wanting something bad enough isn’t going to just make it appear. You have to put in the work and really do what it takes to see it through. No matter what you’re up against, a winning mindset will set you up for a win!