Who is Nick Francis?

Nick Francis is an entrepreneur and marketing expert originally from Toledo, Ohio. He first cultivated his passion for business in his parents’ backyard, constructing a haunted house from curated Halloween decor at the age of 6 years old. Through hosting parties for his classmates and sharing the experience of his haunted houses, Nick honed his marketing and branding skills. He continues to explore his creativity in the marketing industry and stays constantly engaged with clients and projects through SkySprout, his digital marketing agency based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Motivation, Success, and Haunted Houses

By the age of 15, Nick’s haunted house business had evolved, expanding through his parents’ backyard and attracting the attention of friends, family, and neighbors across the community. The process of building a unique experience for others to enjoy, paired with a strong sense of creativity, motivated Nick to join forces with his cousin, Max Simon. The pair entered a contest hosted by Good Morning America to create the best self-constructed haunted house in the country. They rose to the occasion, producing a 3,000 square foot building in Nick’s backyard complete with fully framed walls. They hired a film crew to document the experience and created a commercial to attract even more interest. The duo’s haunted house generated the most votes nationwide, drawing in over 500 people on Halloween night. This was a turning point for Nick, directing his hobby into a full-blown business.

In the following years, Nick and Max operated one of the top 15 commercial haunted houses in the country, hosting an average of over 30,000 people each fall. The haunted house remained open year-round for laser tag events, Valentine’s Day, and more due to popular demand. However, the success of this self-made business did not come from luck. It grew from Nick’s fluency in the world of advertising, his understanding of what customers desired, and his drive to place himself at the forefront of the marketing industry.

Work with Nick at SkySprout Today!

Nick has since founded SkySprout, a digital marketing agency in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. He works to share his knowledge of the industry with businesses of all sizes, building the most efficient marketing team for a multitude of clients. SkySprout excels in the areas of social media marketing, creative production, personal branding, and more. Additionally, the agency will host the highly anticipated SkySprout Summit, a networking event launching in Columbus, Ohio in the summer of 2019.