"He’s living what he’s teaching...I always love to learn from the people who are actually doing what they say that they can teach you.​"
Daymond John
ABC's Shark Tank


Nick Francis is an entrepreneur and marketing expert originally from Toledo, Ohio. He first cultivated his passion for business in his parents’ backyard, constructing a haunted house from curated Halloween decor at the age of 6 years old. Through hosting parties for his classmates and sharing the experience of his haunted houses, Nick honed his marketing and branding skills. He continues to explore his creativity in the marketing industry and stays constantly engaged with clients and projects through SkySprout, his digital marketing agency based out of Columbus, Ohio.


SkySprout is a digital marketing agency based out of Columbus, Ohio specializing in traditional media, social media marketing, creative production, personal branding, and more. Work directly with a team of efficient, creative professionals that understand and recognize your business needs. SkySprout has partnered with entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses at all levels. Bring your business to the forefront of the marketing world.

"If you’re not spending money with SkySprout...you don’t get it."
David Meltzer
Entrepreneur Magazine


The SkySprout Summit is a highly anticipated marketing conference for entrepreneurs, marketers, and startups. Held in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, this summit has featured panels of experts in the industry: Gary Vaynerchuk, Nick Francis, Daymond John, David Meltzer, and more. Learn the essentials of digital marketing, connect with like-minded creatives, and leave with a marketing plan that takes your business to the next level.

"Thank you SkySprout for hosting such a great event"
Gary Vaynerchuk


The Fear Experience was founded by Nick Francis and his cousin, Max Simon. What began as a backyard haunted house constructed from Halloween decor evolved into one of the top Halloween attractions in the nation, drawing an average of 30,000 attendees each fall. The Fear Experience closed its doors in 2015 to make way for Nick’s quickly growing digital marketing career.


Nick Francis has over a decade of experience in the marketing industry. He is the founder of SkySprout, a digital marketing agency based out of Columbus, Ohio. His background in traditional media, online platforms, and personal branding allows him to share his unique perspective with businesses of all sizes. Invite Nick to your next event today!

Nick Francis is a business owner and public speaker based in Columbus, Ohio. He is the owner of The Fear Experience, a haunted house company in Toledo, Ohio, and the founder and CEO of SkySprout, a full-service digital marketing agency with clients spanning the nation. From keynote speaking to consultation, Nick is your go-to for all things digital marketing.

Nick is a member of Facebook’s Small Business Council, and has dedicated the majority of his life to entrepreneurship. He prides himself in becoming an entrepreneur at the young age of 6 years old and has continued the lifestyle, owning and operating multiple businesses in the last decade. He manages a team of creatives at SkySprout, and works closely with hundreds of clients across the country every year.

Public Speaking

Nick has been a keynote speaker at numerous events around the country, including Facebook’s Boost Your Business event and the annual SkySprout Summit. He speaks at conferences, trade shows, seminars, and other educational settings to offer his marketing expertise. 

At SkySprout Summit, SkySprout’s annual digital marketing conference, Nick has been a keynote speaker twice. He has performed keynotes on the foundations of Facebook ad buying, teaching businesses large and small how to market themselves effectively through the social platform of Facebook. His additional keynote was a deep-dive into the world of event marketing, where he covered event strategy, targeting audiences, selling out tickets, and more surefire ways to reach success with your event.

Nick has hosted fireside chats with entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk, moderated panels of business owners and marketing teams, and created a variety of presentations for conferences of all kinds.

Nick is an expert at public speaking with over a decade’s worth of experience. He knows how to effectively communicate with audiences of all sizes, drawing people in with educational yet exciting presentations. His extensive background in traditional media, online businesses, and personal branding allows him to share a unique perspective in the marketing industry today.

Marketing Consultations

Nick offers individualized consultations for businesses, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs looking to hone their skills in the digital marketing world. As a marketing consultant, Nick can train your existing marketing team to become proficient in their craft without the commitment of a long term partnership. 

Marketing consultation is a service many tend to undervalue in the industry. Not every business can partner with an agency right away, but still needs that extra push towards digital success. With Nick’s in-depth consultation services, businesses can gather the tips and tricks necessary to build their brand digitally, all while learning the skills for themselves over time. Nick takes the time to train teams and ensure they understand not only what they’re doing, but why they are doing it. He works with marketing experts at all levels and guarantees your team will have a crystal clear understanding of effective campaigns, strategic ad buying, and more of what they need to succeed.

Nick offers consultations on a variety of topics including ad buying, social media marketing, content creation and production, content posting, and more. He works with the SkySprout marketing team to analyze the needs of clients, evaluating where he can best assist them and creating individualized plans based on each business. 

Marketing Podcasts

In addition to his career in public speaking, Nick has appeared on numerous marketing podcasts including Entrepreneur magazine’s “The Playbook” with David Meltzer. He has spoken on topics including the challenges and rewards of business ownership, college education and its place in the business world, and being a young entrepreneur in today’s fast-paced digital culture.

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing creative mediums online today, and Nick has taken every chance to get his name out into the podcasting community. His diverse business experiences make him an ideal candidate for podcasts of all genres.